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Forest Park School is a very special place which provides for children aged 2-19 with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties. The school is based on two sites, one mile apart. We have a team of dedicated, talented and skilled professionals who provide a child centered approach which is flexible and responsive to individual needs. We promote a happy, supportive and positive learning environment.

Outreach Service

Julie Timmins - Outreach Teacher

Julie Timmins - Outreach Teacher 1

The Local Education Authority employs one of our teachers to support children with severe learning difficulties who are being educated in their local mainstream school. The teachers currently support approximately 45 children. Forest Park School staff are familiar with observations from mainstream staff seeking professional development.

With increasing numbers of children with special educational needs attending mainstream school, our Outreach Service is available to schools with pupils with EHCP’s or on the special needs register who would like to make their schools more inclusive.

If you would like to contact the Outreach team at Forest Park, please contact Julie on the school on the primary site number or email her at



  • To provide high quality support and advice to enable pupils with SEN (Special Educational Needs) to make appropriate progress to access the curriculum and benefit from their mainstream environment.
  • To enable mainstream colleagues to understand the nature of the pupils difficulties and to develop their skills and confidence in planning programmes of intervention.


How we provide this:

  • Assist with differentiating pupils work.
  • Advice on curriculum and appropriate resources.
  • Advice on setting and reviewing IEP (Individual Education Plans) targets and assessments.
  • Advice on low level Behavioural Strategies.
  • Assist with inclusion strategies.
  • Provide opportunities for

           - Drop-in Clinics.
           - Observation of Forest Park practice.


How we provide this:

  • Liaising with professionals and the child's parents.
  • Annual reviews.
  • Links via Forest Park.
  • Appointments with parents and school staff in school.


Positive impact of Outreach involvement:

  • Improved quality of teaching and learning.
  • Raised staff confidence in managing and including pupils with SEN.
  • Effective inclusion.
  • Improved behaviour.
  • Improved attendance.
  • Improved independence.
  • A happier child!


Types of Outreach service:

Any school with a pupil with an EHCP, or on the special needs register that would like Outreach Support should contact the Outreach Teacher at Forest Park School for a referral form  We provide a service that suits the needs of the individual child and school.


Outreach - levels of involvement:

  • Initial visit to establish contact - ideally it would be useful to speak to all staff involved and observe the pupil on the initial visit.
  • Follow up visit to set up a working agreement where detailed areas of need and time allocation are laid out.
  • Regular visits to advise on a range of issues such as teaching strategies, curriculum and pupil outcomes will be reviewed.
  • Meetings with other professional or parents where necessary (including Annual Reviews).
    - As part of the services we will provide reports following out visits with notes on discussions, observations and recommendations.
    - We can offer advice on appropriate resources and provide some resources from our lending library.
    - We can also offer some whole school advice and training.



  • Visits to Forest Park School to have first-hand observations of strategies, resources and environments.
  • Opportunities to attend regular 'drop-in clinics' to discuss and raise concerns.


Partner School Responsibilities

  • To fill in the referral forms.

  • Schools should endeavour to disseminate information to other staff to support all special need children in their schools whether at the time of support or in the future. At the time of involvement we can support you with this.

  • It is the school’s responsibility to get permission from parents and then inform them when Outreach support concludes.



“Staff now have clearer understanding of the child’s needs, are much more confident in how to support him, and are clearer with the next steps in learning which has meant that he has made good progress relative to his starting point.”

(Extract taken from evaluation form)