Welcome To Forest Park School

Foreword by Head teacher:

Forest Park opened in September 2009 following the amalgamation of Salterns, which catered for children aged 2-19 with severe and profound learning difficulties, and Forest Edge, which catered for children, aged 4-11 with moderate learning difficulties. In March 2011 our primary aged pupils (aged 2-11 years) moved into a fantastic new building, so we now have a mix of children

on this site with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties. The secondary site (1 mile up the road) continues to provide education for children with severe and profound learning difficulties with some excellent facilities.

Our overall aim is to provide an educational environment, which is child centred, flexible and responsive to the complex needs of each pupil. Ensuring our children experience success and achievement every day is central to our ethos.

We believe very much in partnership between home and school. Children learn far more effectively when staff and parents work together and we have various initiatives to ensure this works for parents, children and staff.

This prospectus can only provide you with facts and information. To get a real understanding of the work that we do you will need to visit the school and meet the exceptional staff and children. We are always delighted to receive visitors and can guarantee you a warm welcome.

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