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Forest Park School is a very special place which provides for children aged 2-19 with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties. The school is based on two sites, one mile apart. We have a team of dedicated, talented and skilled professionals who provide a child centered approach which is flexible and responsive to individual needs. We promote a happy, supportive and positive learning environment.


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Heron Class

Heron Class 1
Heron Class 2
Heron Class 3
Heron Class 4
Heron Class 5

Robin Class

Robin Class 1
Robin Class 2
Robin Class 3
Robin Class 4
Robin Class 5
Robin Class 6

Blackbird Class

Blackbird Class 1
Blackbird Class 2
Blackbird Class 3
Blackbird Class 4
Blackbird Class 5
Blackbird Class 6
Blackbird Class 7

Swallow Class

Swallow Class 1
Swallow Class 2
Swallow Class 3
Swallow Class 4
Swallow Class 5
Swallow Class 6

Cherry Class

Cherry Class 1
Cherry Class 2
Cherry Class 3
Cherry Class 4
Cherry Class 5


Redwood 1
Redwood 2
Redwood 3
Redwood 4
Redwood 5
Redwood 6

Maple Class

Maple Class 1
Maple Class 2
Maple Class 3
Maple Class 4