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About Us

Forest Park School is a very special place which provides for children aged 2-19 with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties. The school is based on two sites, one mile apart. We have a team of dedicated, talented and skilled professionals who provide a child centered approach which is flexible and responsive to individual needs. We promote a happy, supportive and positive learning environment.

Our Staff (Who's who)

School Leadership Team

Office and Support Team

Teaching Team:

Emma Bargetzi

Nicola Dickens

Sam Dudley

Alex Fearn

Kim Hall

Emma Harper

Steph Kent

Harriet Killen

Jo Pizzo

Nathan Reynolds

Paul Ross

Alison Stanney

Lisa Stewart

Luke Strain

Sammy Tebano


Julie Timmins - Outreach Teacher

Learning Support Team:


Non Class Based:

Tom Lee-Mullender - Behaviour Support

Emily Wood - Behaviour Support

Oonagh Fenemore - TOP worker



Class Based:

Jane Austin

Jenny Baldwin

Donna Broom

Wendy Burgess

Kay Buxton

Rebecca Carroll

Hannah Chalk

Tracie Craven-Neale

Sarah Cull

Chloe Davis

Rhianne Davies

Tom Davies

Mathilda Debris- Palliley

Kerry Fell

Samantha Fensome

Laura Fletcher

Sue Foreman

Liz Gillett

Sophie Goulding

Emma Gregory

Charlene Gyton

Rachel Hart

Nicky Hicks

Lisa Hill

Clare Hobby-Green

Danielle Jenner

Melissa Jenner

Esther Jonas

Daniel Kelly

Jade LeCointe

Darren Lees

Emma Levings

Andrea Loughlin

Sonia Lucas

Clare Malynn

Helen Matthews

Jo May

Sam McDonald

Kelly McEvoy- Plowman

Asma Miah

Julie Miller

Anna Modjak

Julie Motherwell

Jade Nowacki

Sharon Nowacki

Lesley Orchard

Debbie Orris

Helen Pattinson

Marianne Polson

Janice Pounder

Vicky Renham

Julie Robbins

Sophie Roberts

Emma Saunders

Maria Selles

Anna Smith

Jayne Smith

Kelly Smith

Anne Marie Thackery

Lisa Thompson

Sue Traylen

Lea Walker

Nicola Whitehorn

Felix Whitworth

Charlene Williams

Charlie Williams

Hayleigh Wilton

Clare Wood

Tina Woodward


Site Team:

Alan Richardson - Senior Site Manager

Shaun Nowacki - Caretaker

Rachel Bessant - Cleaner

Sue Bray - Cleaner

Nicola Luckins - Cleaner

Tracey Meader - Cleaner

Geoff Hart and Nicky Whitehorn - School Drivers


MDSA Team:


Rachel Bessant

Teresa Byrne

Karen Cousins

Tara Green

Claire Grist

Sandie Lloyd

Diane Lloyd-Jones

Jean Morey

Jemma Probert

Rachell Smith

Sarah Williams

Dawn Witcher