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Forest Park School is a very special place which provides for children aged 2-19 with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties. The school is based on two sites, one mile apart. We have a team of dedicated, talented and skilled professionals who provide a child centered approach which is flexible and responsive to individual needs. We promote a happy, supportive and positive learning environment.

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy Statement


We follow very clear procedures on the use of any restrictive physical intervention.


We define restrictive physical intervention as follows:

Restrictive physical intervention is when a member of staff uses force intentionally to restrict a child’s movement against his or her will.

All staff within this setting aim to help children take responsibility for their own behaviour. We do this through a combination of approaches, which include:


  • positive role modelling
  • teaching an interesting and challenging curriculum
  • setting and enforcing appropriate boundaries and expectations
  • and providing supportive feedback.


This policy is consistent with our Child Protection and Equal Opportunities policies, and with national and local guidance for schools on safeguarding children.

We exercise appropriate care when using physical contact (there is further guidance in our Child Protection policy); there are some children for whom physical contact would be inappropriate (such as those with a history of physical or sexual abuse, or those from certain cultural/religious groups). We pay careful attention to issues of gender and privacy, and to any specific requirements of certain cultural/religious groups.